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DGE A/S is a Danish environmental consulting company providing services in both remediation, construction and open source GIS. DGE covers everything from strategic, comprehensive environmental work into more concrete investigations and ecological questions. In open source GIS DGE focuses on QGIS and PostGIS providing courses in diverse vector and raster GIS along with QGIS plugin development.

DGE Miljø- og Ingeniørfirma er et konsulentfirma, som beskæftiger sig med rådgivning på miljøområdet, inden for byggeri og anlæg samt open source GIS konsulentydelser. DGE dækker spektret fra dybtegående miljøarbejde til konkrete forureningsundersøgelser. Indenfor open source GIS fokuseres på QGIS og PostGIS med diverse kurser indenfor vektor og raster GIS samt QGIS pluginudvikling.


Jakob Lanstorp from DGE is going to give a Presentation on Monday 18. May at the conference:IMAG0551

QGIS and PostGIS – Making life easier for the novice QGIS user using dynamic and updateable views from PostGIS.The interaction between QGIS and PostGIS has been a longtime relationship.We will look at how dynamic PostGIS views can really simplify the use of advanced queries for the novice QGIS user.  And how the use of updatable views using PostGIS triggers will present the end QGIS user with a single editable “table”, where the novice QGIS user won’t have to deal with relations.

Jakob Lanstorp has been working with GIS for 15 years as an end user, consultant, developer and lecturer. The last four years with a focus on open source GIS like QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer and Python. Jakob enjoys helping companies migrating from commercial GIS and CAD to open source GIS. In DGE Jakob sets new standards for environmental mapping.


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