Sponsors – keep the wheels running

Sponsors and donaters keeps the wheels running. It is the only way we can set a low price for participation. At these pages sponsors write Blog Entries – so follow along.

This Conference is based upon sponsors and free work.

University of Copenhagen is hosting this conference and accommodation for developers. University-of-Copenhagen

You can contribute too!

We Call for Sponsorships

Become financial sponsor for this event.

  • We need money to livestream presentations and workshops
  • We need money for the 5 days Developer-, educator- and translator meeting during and after the Conference
  • We need money for keeping QGIS fantastic and up to date

As Sponsor you can write a blog and tell about how your Company use QGIS

As Sponsor you get a banner at the Conference

As Sponsor you get 2 tickets to the ConferenceLIFA_GIS·IT_logo

Minimun price for Sponsorship 1350 Euro

You can Sponsor the Conference and QGIS project at this link QGis_Logo_235px

Questions about sponsorship write to lfi@ign.ku.dk


We Call for DonationsdgeGisgrouplogo1

You can donate to the Conference and QGIS project at this link  All donations will AestasGISbe listed at the Donation page.