QGIS Conference 2015

The conference has ended

Thanks to all the participants and Sponsors

You can still support the QGIS development and bugfixing – any amount is appreciated at http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/donations.html


Videos from the live streaming is uploaded under presentations

New friendships and new cooperations was born during this week in May 2015. More then 150 people from 25 countries participated during this week. See the map with all the participants 


Tim Sutton has made a blogentry and Matthias Kuhn has written a review from the conference at the OpenGIS.CH and Anita Graser had made a short story from Twitter

We will hope that a conference- and developer meeting – like this  – will make people more aware of the need for cooperation of users and developers.

During this conference a lot of meetings was held – Developers, Educators and Users. Just to mention a few:QGis_Logo_235px

  • Educators from GeoAcademy and Developers from QGIS has now started join the Curriculum with 5 GIS courses from GeoAcademy into QGIS.ORG
  • Danish users met to start the new usergroup – at QGIS.DK
  • New Hackfest (Developers meeting) planned to be at University of Las Palmas de G.C. in October
  • Planning of a QGIS Summer School
  • And then all the work at the Developers meeting…

A lot of people has worked hard to make this conference fantastic – Thank you!